zsanderqt » hi there pals... its my first time here... pls welcome me... ;p
hafriz » beautiful words you arrange.
indepth » yes, i like that story. even though it's too close for comfort.
neen » i like the poetry on story of a boy and girl.. did u write it urself?
Rich » Thanks for stopping by the other day. How much snow boarding is there in Malaysia?
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nian armand » askum..just dropin` by...salam bahagia
Scarlet » Heheh... Eye Candy Supernova is so cute!!
Dark Angel Boy » Uik!..suddenly no more poem...pe jadi ni??
dania » haha thanks! thanks to jakarta for the inspiration
bex » The rainbow poem is such a beautiful poem!
Cingene » thanks for the comment on my poem "As I watch you sleep"
dania » will do mate
shaira » Submit more poems!
dania » ahhaha..well it's all worth your hardwork babe. haha anyday is fine with me
shaira » Besides, the Sunday thing is not so exact that we have to stay homela... That event is still on. But donno when coz we're BEES! Hang on yah girl?
shaira » Oh yea.. I have to! This to represent the most devoted friendship EVER! Hey, I'm not genius la......I'm just trying to exceed it. Huhuh..finally! Thanks bebeh
dania » hahah balisong rawks! haha fool fairy tale, the grim brothers style
CEO of PorNy Sdn. Bh » Rivermaya..jus soo cooolll.. Balisong is awesome!!! HAHHAHA
shaira » u laaaa
dania » who who?
shaira » someone's flattered.... waaahahahah
dania » hahha as if :
shaira » another dian... huh!
dania » aww.thanks
megz » I like this blog i will have to subscribe :_D I like ur poems
dania » ah the ceo speaks
CEO of PorNy Sdn. Bh » Chill...
Angel Tears » Wow girl, you've certainly been busy writing poems!!
justsomegirl » just wanted to say hi.
Dark Angel Boy » Waa..been awhile tak masuk this blog..
HULK » peace
dania » finally i'm back
yonJr » huyo...best ar blog... tgk ar aku nyer lak
Angel Tears » No more poems??
Ely »
justsomegirl » i moved -- clicky for my new place
Angel Tears » Happy International Womens Day!!
dania » k|ss<dan>saneous-->daniel?
dania » hehhehe...i'm currently reconstructing this poetries..i can't get hold of all of them ehehe be patient people
Angel Tears » Update!!
Dark Angel Boy » oitz doink!..wat happen to this blog laaa?no more poem ka??aiyo... tarak best laa cam nie
k|ss<DaN>Saneous » Ssup girl!! Owh.. ur birthday ke... Happy birthday!!
Angel Tears » Happy Birthday Dania!! *Hugz*
Dark Angel Boy » Errmmm.. talked bout angel is it..wahahaha..lucky 4 me..i'm angel from the dark site..& yah..definetly not me
Angel Tears » Opsies sorry for the double tag, I didn't mean to, it was just taking forever to post and I was impatient so I hit submit twice!!
Angel Tears » Opsie sorry for the double post. It took forever to post, so I was impatient and hit submit twice!! Sorries!! Hope you are well girly!!
Angel Tears » Opsie sorry for the double post. It took forever to post, so I was impatient and hit submit twice!! Sorries!! Hope you are well girly!!
Angel Tears » Ohhhh you named a poem after me!! Although its the most confusing poem I've ever read, haha!! Nah, I'm just slow, but we all know that!! Just felt the need to leave you a funny tag!!
Angel Tears » Ohhhh you named a poem after me!! Although its the most confusing poem I've ever read, haha!! Nah, I'm just slow, but we all know that!! Just felt the need to leave you a funny tag!!
Marie » hello, happy vday
Angel Tears » Happy Valentines Day Dania!!
dania » hahah! you actually remembered? i actually forgotten. thanks tho!
AnenAn » Today's exactly 1 month since this page was born!! Happy one month!!huhuhuhu
Angel Tears » Thanks Dania
Dark Angel Boy » Wat happen here?no more poem?
dania » heyya usagi. tag ya! boy it's been long since i've updated here
HULK » long time tak masuk diz site.....nice poems twin
usagi » What exactly does 'story of a girl and boy' supposed to mean? I read it, but I'm not exactly sure what it means. Please tell me on my tagboard...hehe =P
usagi » cool blog ^_^ love the poems!
Dark Angel Boy » the poem getting shorter & shorter..wat happen here?no idea ka?aiyo!
dania » what the..?
Dark Angel Boy » waaaa...how touch i mean bout ya poem...
dania » haha! been waiting for the updates .. surfnig through right about now!
Angel Tears » opps, I meant 'I'm back and wrote AN update' Can't seem to type no more haha
Angel Tears » Hey Dania, I'm back and wrote and update, check it out if you want
Shadow the Puppy » great site
Dark Angel Boy » wahahaha....really?? but remember...one is Angel..& another one is Dark Angel...
dania » very funny..i'm blessed maybe? muahaha
Dark Angel Boy » waaa...2 angels in here right now..meaning wat ek? wahahahaha..
dania » no problemo! all smiles
stupidlyinsane » wOo! you linky to me yAY! haha
Angel Tears » Thanks Dania, for all the comments and tags on my blog. I really apperciate it.
dania » it's cool to read cool blogs
cliodne » hey dania, wonderful poems thanks for stopping by
stupidlyinsane » hehe ty for stopping by my site hehe yesh orlando bloom rocks my sox!! hehe
dania » hah! thanks alot! finally i got the header done. thanks for linking too!
Angel Tears » and btw, I linked you
Angel Tears » try using fotopic.net, its what i use and it works well
dania » i tried to upload to some free host images places, can't get any done. uploadit.org doesn't respond that much either. this is stressful. any idea?
dania » nah..you're not an idiot. i have get people explain to me stuff too. so don't worry! hhehe
Angel Tears » Oh!! I get it now!! and you meant it towards the song numb i have on my journal...sorry dania, you must think i'm an idiot
dania » ok i tried to explain, but i myself can't really understand it. sorry for my lack of vocabulary.*hides in a bag*
dania » yeah i did. but i still can't get to rephrase it. wait i think i do..hold up
Angel Tears » LoL, read the comment I left you on your Jan. 15th entry. I asked you exactly what you were refering to when you said 'we all have our little ways of saying things' on my tagboard...
dania » will do! you know i will! btw why angel tears again?
Angel Tears » LoL aight, leave me a comment on my blog when you've rephrased it
dania » hehe..cheer up mate!ok i'm trying to rephrase what i said earlier..hehe
Angel Tears » oh and thanks for the comment too
Angel Tears » Thanks for the tag Dania, left u a comment on the Jan. 15th entry...
dania » muahahha..we can't live without those can we? yeah will do later..oh well not all piracy are bad.
blifme » hmm... you don't have psp.... I'm not good with adobe and ms paint. You can get the pirated version of psp (like i did) lol. gee, I'm promoting piracy here LOL.
dania » heyya..thing is..i don't even have the software to begin with..possibility i could use other?
blifme » hello.. this is bliffy from BDI LOL.. that sounded formal. anyways.. you ok with your blinkies?
dania » next time get that one back up as well...grrrr!!! need to speak to u as well..darn it
dania » oi,...how can u not find it???
syiks » it's almost 1am n i'm searchin for my msn. urgghh!!!