Entry: Beautiful Insanity Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I look outside; the world beyond,
There is a rainbow shinning
With glitters of hope and laughter
Something I hold on to forever

A pocket full of roses..
I scatter around this lovely ground,
With anticipation that the wind
Would someday spread it around.

Walking out to a whole new world,
It feels like I have been twirled,
and funny enough, I feel delighted!
Probably because I have been sighted.

An angel from above, strong in essence
Helping me light this path once more
It is a great gift, this one..the one I adore,
Someone who I will always be thankful for.

Standing in the midst of this greenery,
I began to wonder what it is like
being one with hope and destiny.
Such is life; this beautiful insanity.

Sitting and resting on this beautiful day,
Those good times I will cherish forever,
It was a blessing and will always be
The best thing that has happened to me.

Where there is a beginning,
There is an end, so they say.
I think life is an on going thing
A lifetime worth of storytelling.


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