Entry: Theater of Whimsical Roles Friday, November 30, 2007

Every night like so many nights before,
I sleep and dream of bliss even more.
Just like always, I smile a mile away
When the rainbow has come to stay
With daffodils blooming and sun shining.
This has got to be when things are changing.

Dancing and twirling alone with the wind
in the middle of this meadow that I feel akin
Like everything is glued together
Which makes this life all the more better.
Hmm, how I wish I could stay a little longer..
Before the next dream comes and bother.

Lying down facing the big blue sky,
I felt a presence of someone coming by.
Is this when this beautiful dream end?
"On the contrary, I'm here to amend."
was all he said and extended his hand to me,
Taking this as a guarantee to my hopeful plea.

It is funny how dreams are made to be,
People you secretly wish to set you free,
Suddenly visits you subconsciously,
Unfolding many mysteries hidden quietly.
Letting you enjoy every moment with glee
Gosh, if only this is the reality.

"You know, things aren't so bad for the soul.."
I looked at him while stirring my cereal bowl,
"Tell me something I don't already know"
He then looked away and pointed at the rabbit hole.
"No matter how big this world can be as whole,
you won't know it until you go out for a stroll."


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