Entry: Of Many Things Left Unknown Part II Saturday, July 14, 2007

There are times when
Things seem so vast and wide
Like swimming in an ocean at night
So full of life, full of everything alright

I can't promise I'll be the best
I can try and be good, nothing less
For I am doing this for me to test
To see if I could go far from this mess

Will you take part of this journey
One that I can't define really
Because it could be anything honestly
So, will you..go through this with me?

There's so many questions,
Too many for me to comprehend this notion
What can I do with this retribution?
I want to run, I want to shut this confusion

I may need help, I may need all the support
I don't know how to go about it, to let it abort
From this heart, this rather annoying thwart
Gosh, I wish you knew how I fell short

In the end, most things are left grey
Tomorrow is today, today is yesterday
Who knows? Someday I'll be able to say
"Hey, I'm okay. Thank you for your stay".


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