Entry: Of Many Things Left Unknown Part I Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reading each word, sentence and paragraph
Makes the head spin, throb and divide into half
"God! Is it because I had wished for a seraph
to take me away, far from this path?"

It's been awhile, far too long since the last cry
Wanting to hide, to close these brown eyes
From seeing anymore broken ties
Between this reality and her ideal visionary.

"Breathe, take in one thing at a time."
Patiently, she heard him chimed.
Breaking her thoughts into pieces of dime,
Taking her hand for comfort, is all he mimed.

"Don't worry", he said in soothing manner,
How she wished she could be the planner
Of this unknown fate that had been a goner,
"I hope so" is all she could muster.


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