where no sense makes one ponder

this is an extension of sub realm

tho suffercation flaws may not vary that much but in terms of concept perhaps it does. obviously, here is where i trash my nonsense poems i've experimented. it sure does not make any sense, but what the heck, a blog is a blog, up to a person to what degree it is.

This is my another extension
Sub Realm

Let's just say, Sub Realm is my ranting realm and this is where i put metaphores in. Although only basically I would understand what I written, tho sometimes can be interpreted differently, but then again, it really just some thoughts lingering around for no reason.

Wonder what inspired me to write this.

Supossedly it's what's you call experiences and wounds that hurts too much that all you can say are words that only meant for the moment


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Not even sure why is this created but because i had to do something from nothing. so this is just it. Possibility of people not liking this is high than the opposite. Yes i've got a very mixed up life

Story of a boy & a girl

it was an afternoon of blessing,
a boy and a girl was sitting and wondering,
they were friends since they started talking,
as they were looking,

boy uttered, do you believe love and falling?
girl gaze at the sky while nodding.
boy said, do you believe the person in front of you
could shower you with love and misery?
the girl thought deeper,
feeling the silent that kept within,
and said, i believe a person i know for so long
is worth a thousand feelings from me.
and the boy agreed,
if a person understands the heart of you, then
it's worth everything.
do you think i should...
the girl with a solemn look, whispered,you should.

off the boy went to search for his rose
and the girl left in sight with hope enclosed.
the girl was too humble, too nice and too naive
to admit something so sacred, so pure and so passive.
it's the confession of the heart that she has once again
kept to herself and left in pain.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Go With The Flow

I wish for so many things
That I am so afraid it will be jinxed
As all this mumbo jumbo means
Life is a song to sing
So take it with a smile and a wink.

Wouldn't that be a pleasure?
To know that things is going within measure
But there will always be a day
When you need to sit and pray
That tomorrow will be a better stay.

It is the journey which speaks of who you are
Destination is just a reward for going far
Thus treasure the moments and not the scar
Happier memories tend to set the bar
Higher than anything at par.

I shall see you around
Maybe today, tomorrow or in a town
Where you and I are not bound
To just one life and sound
Just go with the flow and we'll be found.

Posted at 2:18:10 am by daniaryezel
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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Taste Like

As I wake up to this world,
I begin to wonder of this blur
Is it a phase or a constant slur
Cause it is oh so very unnecessary, this spur.

It is a beautiful day today,
Bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds,
Makes me want to go out and shout
"Give it a rest already for crying out loud!".

Minutes turned into hours,
Where have it all gone to?
Have I made every moment true
Or have I wasted it with careless woe?

Wrapped under dark blue fleece,
Tonight has been a wonderful delight,
Sweet or sour, I am still alright,
For now, I wish you good night.

Posted at 10:28:25 pm by daniaryezel
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Friday, December 29, 2006
Indifferent Perspective

A piece of mind,
That is all it takes
For a soul to rejuvenate
after a long haul of fate.

Should this be a short wait,
Or a permanent date,
A piece of mind,
Is all it takes.

Mind over matters,
Is the ideal philosophy,
Able to control the mind and body,
Damn, I wish I can hold to that plea.

Mistakes are made,
Guilty pleasures are paid,
For all the things that's been raid,
Stripped to core as this soul is laid.

Posted at 10:30:46 am by daniaryezel
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Monday, March 27, 2006
The Sinner's Sins

Merry go round, off he goes
Into the blue of many woes
Gliding through each sensation
Like it's his buried passion
to untangle all kinds of surpression
Just for the sake of pleasing his notion.

Each time he discovers new territory
He pledged to himself this is the last discovery
Yesterday, today, and tomorrow maybe
"That day never seem to come to me",
He walked out feeling all giddy
"Ah, hope despair all hopes I see"..

Four seasons and light years later,
Spring, summer, autumn and winter
It felt like time is the killer
For the poor soul who waited since forever
To be freed from this reckless manouver
Which he regretted since the day he was born a sinner.

Posted at 11:52:42 pm by daniaryezel
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Fallen Magicstar

Little stars dancing around
Prancing and chanting together
Casting spells to the ground
Should I run and hide
or should I stand here by your side?

Watching as you glow so bright
It's annoying, it's a delight
Never I've seen anyone in sight
So calm yet so full of life
This truly is a blessing in disguise.

How do you do it?
I don't think it's possible
You looked at me like a little kid
Blank and dazed,
You turn this dream into a fantasy phase.

There I was, witnessing it all
Feels like everything's going to fall
Then again, maybe I should just enjoy this ball
Like it's a fairy tale made to draw
For a little dwarf who sits here at awe.

Posted at 11:52:18 pm by daniaryezel
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