where no sense makes one ponder

this is an extension of sub realm

tho suffercation flaws may not vary that much but in terms of concept perhaps it does. obviously, here is where i trash my nonsense poems i've experimented. it sure does not make any sense, but what the heck, a blog is a blog, up to a person to what degree it is.

This is my another extension
Sub Realm

Let's just say, Sub Realm is my ranting realm and this is where i put metaphores in. Although only basically I would understand what I written, tho sometimes can be interpreted differently, but then again, it really just some thoughts lingering around for no reason.

Wonder what inspired me to write this.

Supossedly it's what's you call experiences and wounds that hurts too much that all you can say are words that only meant for the moment


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Not even sure why is this created but because i had to do something from nothing. so this is just it. Possibility of people not liking this is high than the opposite. Yes i've got a very mixed up life

Story of a boy & a girl

it was an afternoon of blessing,
a boy and a girl was sitting and wondering,
they were friends since they started talking,
as they were looking,

boy uttered, do you believe love and falling?
girl gaze at the sky while nodding.
boy said, do you believe the person in front of you
could shower you with love and misery?
the girl thought deeper,
feeling the silent that kept within,
and said, i believe a person i know for so long
is worth a thousand feelings from me.
and the boy agreed,
if a person understands the heart of you, then
it's worth everything.
do you think i should...
the girl with a solemn look, whispered,you should.

off the boy went to search for his rose
and the girl left in sight with hope enclosed.
the girl was too humble, too nice and too naive
to admit something so sacred, so pure and so passive.
it's the confession of the heart that she has once again
kept to herself and left in pain.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009
Beautiful Insanity

I look outside; the world beyond,
There is a rainbow shinning
With glitters of hope and laughter
Something I hold on to forever

A pocket full of roses..
I scatter around this lovely ground,
With anticipation that the wind
Would someday spread it around.

Walking out to a whole new world,
It feels like I have been twirled,
and funny enough, I feel delighted!
Probably because I have been sighted.

An angel from above, strong in essence
Helping me light this path once more
It is a great gift, this one..the one I adore,
Someone who I will always be thankful for.

Standing in the midst of this greenery,
I began to wonder what it is like
being one with hope and destiny.
Such is life; this beautiful insanity.

Sitting and resting on this beautiful day,
Those good times I will cherish forever,
It was a blessing and will always be
The best thing that has happened to me.

Where there is a beginning,
There is an end, so they say.
I think life is an on going thing
A lifetime worth of storytelling.

Posted at 5:22:47 pm by daniaryezel
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Thursday, October 30, 2008
A Moment and Such

A Moment and Such

The breeze that runs through her hair
Makes her forget of the despair.
Instantly smiling and remembering,
what it is like to feel happy and laughing
about the little things the world is singing.

It is no inconvenience, I promised
This is the life you have missed
and today is the day
you will remember forever
as the day you stood taller.

Ah, what joy it brings, this life..
the happiness radiating from the sky,
the air whispering to your ear,
asking you to close your eyes and imagine
all the little things that makes you beam.

If only you could see,
this wonderful life that plea
for a little more affection and glee,
If only you could see,
the joy it brings to me.

Posted at 5:37:35 pm by daniaryezel
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Friday, November 30, 2007
Theater of Whimsical Roles

Every night like so many nights before,
I sleep and dream of bliss even more.
Just like always, I smile a mile away
When the rainbow has come to stay
With daffodils blooming and sun shining.
This has got to be when things are changing.

Dancing and twirling alone with the wind
in the middle of this meadow that I feel akin
Like everything is glued together
Which makes this life all the more better.
Hmm, how I wish I could stay a little longer..
Before the next dream comes and bother.

Lying down facing the big blue sky,
I felt a presence of someone coming by.
Is this when this beautiful dream end?
"On the contrary, I'm here to amend."
was all he said and extended his hand to me,
Taking this as a guarantee to my hopeful plea.

It is funny how dreams are made to be,
People you secretly wish to set you free,
Suddenly visits you subconsciously,
Unfolding many mysteries hidden quietly.
Letting you enjoy every moment with glee
Gosh, if only this is the reality.

"You know, things aren't so bad for the soul.."
I looked at him while stirring my cereal bowl,
"Tell me something I don't already know"
He then looked away and pointed at the rabbit hole.
"No matter how big this world can be as whole,
you won't know it until you go out for a stroll."

Posted at 6:48:10 pm by daniaryezel
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Saturday, July 14, 2007
Of Many Things Left Unknown Part II

There are times when
Things seem so vast and wide
Like swimming in an ocean at night
So full of life, full of everything alright

I can't promise I'll be the best
I can try and be good, nothing less
For I am doing this for me to test
To see if I could go far from this mess

Will you take part of this journey
One that I can't define really
Because it could be anything honestly
So, will you..go through this with me?

There's so many questions,
Too many for me to comprehend this notion
What can I do with this retribution?
I want to run, I want to shut this confusion

I may need help, I may need all the support
I don't know how to go about it, to let it abort
From this heart, this rather annoying thwart
Gosh, I wish you knew how I fell short

In the end, most things are left grey
Tomorrow is today, today is yesterday
Who knows? Someday I'll be able to say
"Hey, I'm okay. Thank you for your stay".

Posted at 12:25:56 am by daniaryezel
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007
Of Many Things Left Unknown Part I

Reading each word, sentence and paragraph
Makes the head spin, throb and divide into half
"God! Is it because I had wished for a seraph
to take me away, far from this path?"

It's been awhile, far too long since the last cry
Wanting to hide, to close these brown eyes
From seeing anymore broken ties
Between this reality and her ideal visionary.

"Breathe, take in one thing at a time."
Patiently, she heard him chimed.
Breaking her thoughts into pieces of dime,
Taking her hand for comfort, is all he mimed.

"Don't worry", he said in soothing manner,
How she wished she could be the planner
Of this unknown fate that had been a goner,
"I hope so" is all she could muster.

Posted at 1:57:32 pm by daniaryezel
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